Don’t Stop Believing

Sure, a picture of a baby boy rocking out to “Don’t Stop Believing” on a pair of ultra gigantic headphones gives your tummy a tickle, but let’s look a little deeper.

Is this not the universal message that most of us drill into the impressionable minds of young children?
Don’t Stop Believing that you can succeed; that you can make a difference. Don’t stop believing in the innate good of the human soul; in the idea that the future will out shine any darkness from the past.
So, at what point then did we cease to believe in these same ideas of a future of kisses warmed by the sun, smiles and laughter etched on mental tapestries and a world of endless possibilities?  When did you stop believing in a life without the bitter taste of anger, apathy and anguish?
Perhaps it was the loss of a great love, or maybe the fact that you have yet to find one. Maybe it was the pressure of being perfect in school or maybe being the kid who no one seemed to notice. Whatever it is, what has happened to our belief system? Furthermore, why do many of us attempt to drown those hopes and dreams of todays youth?

Deep down, in the basement of our subconscious, there has to be a little toddler gleefully singing “Don’t Stop Believing”. That spark of hope and desire that we feel is what keeps us striving for better — it is that flickering ember that ignites the passion for life with which we are all born.

Don’t You Ever Stop Believing In YOURSELF!


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